Things to watch in Business & Sales - Trend #3

As consumer behaviour is changing the ways we are learning are changing too. Alison explains what effective training & development looks liked today. 

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#3 New Consumer Behaviour = New Learning Behaviour  

By Alison Freer, Director of Consulting, Learning & Digital Transformation 

Although structured learning has value, it will have to be supplemented with unstructured approaches, such as Microlearning. Microlearning is a continual process that has proven to meet the ultimate business need: providing learners with short chunks of information in the most engaging and least time-consuming way. Learning material is often easily accessible through mobile phones, computers, and tablets and can vary in format including podcasts, videos, quizzes, blogs, simulations, slideshows, and even games.

Knowledge Retention-2.png

Similar to content marketing, learners expect information to be highly relevant to their roles and they greatly value learning from peers and other experts.

To provide the best possible learning experience and to make learning stick, businesses need to understand and embrace the meaning and the implications of changing needs in the learning process. 

At durhamlane, we apply the 70-20-10 Model, which has been proven to help people achieve better results, fast through an optimal mix of sources and resources:

  • 10% formal structured learning interventions (classroom-based)
  • 20% structured coaching and learning application supported by qualified mentors
  • 70% informal ongoing peer-to-peer support and self-driven learning

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