Things to watch in Business & Sales - Trend #5

Jake is managing and coaching a very young team at durhamlane and knows about the strengths and potential of the new working generation.


#5 Millennials make great Employees  

By Jake Spence, Director of Sales Operations 

Millennials have recently been a hot topic in the UK press and rightly so. The Bersin by Deloitte report highlighted that in 2016 “companies [were] busy planning an important transition in order to cope with a massive loss of the generation of boomers. More than 3.6 million company chiefs [were] set to retire as younger professionals ascend to managerial slots.”

Unfortunately, the perception of millennial employees are not very positive. They are sometime portrayed as selfish, flighty, and not interested in careers. Yet all these comments are at odds to our experience at durhamlane. In our experience young employees are highly self-motivated, committed and proactive as long as they understand the purpose of what they are doing. They are mostly driven by overriding business goals. A research conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management confirms that millennials are more interested in work-based education, career development training and clear advancement opportunities than older workers are.

Instead of complaining about how hard to manage the new generation is, business leaders must embrace their strengths and think of how they can engage them most effectively. It is not the new generation who needs to fit into dated schemes. It's the business leaders who must adapt to changing working and learning styles.

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