4 Tips to create a successful prospect database


Data building is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world of fast paced big data. Put simply data building is designed to help you and your sales force make the best use of time, targeting live businesses and prospects.

Here are a few “pro-tips” to consider after my recent conversation with our data expert - Tracey Wilson, Intelligence & Data Manager here at durhamlane. Tracey has built 100's of extremely successful databases campagians for our clients and was more than happy to share her secrets:

  • "Accuracy is everything in B2B sales – The best trick I’ve learned in the past couple of years is to use a tool like Avention (I have no relationship with them, but I’ve used a lot of software in my career and I just love their product) as a starting point. While it doesn’t give you the full scope of everything you need, it is a great place from which to begin building your sales database


  • Have a purpose for the list – Before you begin building a prospecting database, ensure you know what type of prospects you are going after, as there is a lot of data out there, and it can be easy to lose yourself in it. Here is a simple question to ask before you start - Are you a start-up entering the market place for the first time?
Yes - If so go wide and shallow, meaning more companies, fewer contacts per company as you are looking to breathe fire quickly into your business.

No - But if you are an established business, seeking a more C-level data list? Go deep and get lots of extra data about contacts/companies and as many contacts as possible at each company, trust me this extra info puts you ahead of your competition, and allows your sales team to have better, more meaningful business conversations.


  • Segmentation – Find sub segments that work for you. If you are selling software, don’t just pull Directors of sales from across 30 totally different industries. Instead go after one segment at a time, starting with the ones you believe there is the most opportunity. This kind of approach allows you to get into a pattern and flow, helping you to be productive, whilst also learning a little about each industry along the way.


  • Buy it or Build it – You have two choices with data building – Buy it from an experienced outsourced data building company or build your own data - both can be productive, however be aware of the time and costs needed to build your own client data lists. Outsourcing data building services provide a useful and cost effective option, plus this allows you to focus your efforts where you are most successful – running your business!


Spending a little time to get your data streamlined and accurate for your sales and marketing teams will (I guarantee it) benefit your business from the get go. This will in my experience benefit your business quickly and substantially, allowing your sales team to be more productive - working on accurate live data, eaning you aren’t paying a sales team to call deadlines, and therefore spending more time on calls, raising your brand awareness and closing sales!"

Happy data building! - Tracey


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