Be proud of your prices for improved sales performance.


At durhamlane we’re passionate about helping our clients increase their success and grow their business.  This means we represent your business as if it were our own.

We received this email recently from a company who offer a competitive service to our outsourced sales and business development solutions.  I’ve taken a picture of the email whilst protecting the names of the guilty party! 

Whilst I am comfortable with the benefits they confirm telemarketing can deliver, I was perplexed by the call to action on their email.  Would you want to be represented by a company who leads the call to action for their own business development activity with ‘20% Discount Offer’'? I thought not.

During our sales training classes we train our clients to be proud of their prices during sales conversations. This is a fundamental sales mindset that requires the right attitude and confidence in order to be successful and improve sales performance.  If you are not comfortable with the price you charge then do some analysis to understand the value you offer.  After all if you don’t believe in your price then why should your customer?

When representing our clients we work hard to ensure no value is left on the table.  This means we explore and uncover potential business fit before developing solutions that are built on value.  The pricing conversation needs to be delayed until value has been understood by your prospect or client, otherwise the chances are they will be looking for 20% off, and the rest.


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