Things to watch in Business & Sales - Trend #4

Our Subject Matter Expert and self-confessed geek, Anthony, explains the impact Artificial Intelligence will have on sales.8 of our sales experts reveal a trend in business and sales every leader needs to be aware of. For the full trend compilation download the ebook! 


#4 Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data analytics  

By Anthony Usher, Regional Sales Manager 

Until now, the relationship between buyers and sellers has been more reactive than proactive. But with the amount of data available today, sales people have the power to predict customer challenges ahead of time and solve those problems more effectively.

A great example is Lead Generation. We see within the industry that most sales organisations have now adopted CRM systems, but many of them still do not consistently follow up on leads. AI can keep those leads warm for months or even make the first introduction. In fact, AI can analyse the customer's problem and then craft a message that offers a solution to solve this problem. It will also know what will make a customer most likely to open an email and tailor its email around that information.

Only a few companies are experimenting with AI at the moment. Salesforce announced the launch of Einstein, a set of AI services, Oracle has recently been buying start-ups in the AI space and Google has its long established DeepMind practice.
Of course, AI is still at early stages, but you have to get comfortable with the topic in order to stay ahead of the game.

McKinsey Global Institute found that 40% of tasks within the traditional sales function can now be automated and it will be much more in the future. While there will always be a need for human beings in the sales process, it will be the savvy sales teams who will stay on top of the game.

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