Never take your eye off attracting new customers


Our Co-director Richard Lane once said; “Winning new business is the life blood of every organisation, remember this”, and unfortunately recently this point was highlighted in the local press, with the unfortunate news of a 35 year old North East business closing its doors after a major deal collapsed. It’s always sad to see a great business close, especially one which was a large contributor and employer for the region.

I don’t want to confuse things, as in one my most recent blog articles (‘Improving sales success with a simple follow up’) I was discussing the importance of keeping existing clients happy and the benefits that can have on a business. That is still the case, however businesses must be careful to not go too far the other way, by putting their eggs in one basket, relying on only a few key clients on which to base their business.

Sustainable sales success is about finding that great place all businesses should be striving for, whereby existing clients and new business prospects are cared for and given relevant focus and attention.

Whilst finding that (what some may say blue-sky thinking) equilibrium between new and existing customers may be a struggle at times, especially in baron or tough spells, it is something that businesses must always keep front of mind. When times are challenging in new client acquisition, it’s never a good idea to divert emphasis and focus solely on existing business. It means that it is time to repurpose your proposition, re-inforce the benefits and value of your offering, and refocus your strategies. Accepting a baron spell in sales, is like accepting defeat!


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