Things to watch in Business & Sales - Trend #7

When it comes to hyperpersonalisation B2B companies can learn a lot from B2C. Marketing Manager, Janine Rupf, explains the importance of connecting on a personal level with people and how you can master this on scale.



By Janine Rupf, Marketing Manager 

Hyperpersonalisation is not about accurately using names or contact information in a marketing and sales campaign. Customers are already used to this level of personalisation. To break through the content marketing noise, organisations must create invaluable one-to-one connections. 

The current state of technology allows us to build up such hyperpersonable connections at scale. With the use of various sources of customer data - including customers’ activity, interests, opinions, attitudes, values, etc. – marketers can focus the message for maximum relevance for an individual prospect. 

B2C companies are pioneers in hyperpersonalisaton

Target data.jpg

The US retailer Target, for example, found a typical purchasing behaviour among pregnant women and used those clues to hook at that crucial moment before they turn into rampant - and loyal - buyers of all things pastel, plastic, and miniature. The targeting was so accurate, that in one case, Target revealed the pregnancy of a teenager before her father was aware of it. [Read the story] It's time for B2B businesses to jump on the bandwagon, there are more than enough best practices out there.

Combined with two more buzzwords – predictive analytics and marketing automation – your computer will be capable to understand your prospects even better than you do and to interact with them as if it was a human. This will give you more time to focus on account-based prospects and building long-term relationships on a personal level.

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