Alison Freer

Director of Consulting, Learning & Digital Transformation Alison is a highly experienced leadership development coach and OD specialist - equipping people with the know-how and confidence to influence brilliantly in their work. She works widely with leaders, teams and businesses in the IT and Digital sector to facilitate organisational change associated with IT-enabled innovation projects.
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Grounded Leadership in Volatile Times

“The landing was very dynamic….”, said British astronaut Tim Peake of his return to earth in a Soyuz capsule, that landed charred and on its side in a barren Kazakhstan field last week. Yet this violent journey was all part of the European Space Agency’s plan, and the mission was heralded an overwhelming success.

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Think you're cut out for business partnering?


“There comes a time in almost any business partnership when people look at each other and think, do I really want to stay and make this work? Or should we just file for divorce now?!”

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Training and Sales Process