5 tips for Sales executives to improve their sales success

5 tips to improve sales performance for sales professionals


Sometimes in sales it can feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall, as your previously successful approach just isn’t working anymore. To help, here are five tips to help improve your sales performance and sales conversion!



Utilising LinkedIn

Surprisingly this powerful social media tool is still overlooked by many sales professionals as a research and marketing resource. But do so at your peril, LinkedIn is the best way to find out and learn about your prospective clients. LinkedIn can help you identify new ideal prospective clients by refining your search by; industry sector, employee numbers and geographic locations, etc…. These search criteria allow you to seek out and target the ideal businesses to begin prospecting.


Follow a Proven Qualification Method

Successful sales performance and training companies all have their own name for their own sales qualification method, ours being – ‘The Magic 35’. Having a structured, tried and tested qualification process allows sales professionals to very quickly sort the wheat from the chaff, meaning less wasted time with prospects who have no means or interest in buying your offering, and more time with those who potentially do.


Use a Blueprint

Never use a script, use a framework! We’ve all taken calls where the sales person is clearly using a script and is just reeling it off for the 1,000th time, did you buy anything from them…? Probably not, that’s because this technique simply is not engaging and as humans we like to converse and interact with real people. That said what is a great approach is to have a structure to your sales calls, then allow yourself the freedom to relax and work that structure in to a free flowing sales conversation; improved results guaranteed, and you’ll enjoy your sales conversations more too!


Implement a CRM System

If you don’t have some sort of CRM (Customer Relationship management) system in place to track your sales conversations, get one!

A CRM system allows you and your team to sync and share information in real time about past, present, and prospective future clients. This kind of system also means management can see; where and what your sales team are working on, where time is being spent, areas of success, and finally a holistic view of your sales pipeline.


Spend Time Wisely

Finally and maybe most importantly, spend your time where you are most effective. If you happen to be having great success within a certain sector or selling to a particular industry, why change now. Growth and diversification into other markets will come, but it’ll come a lot easier if you and your business have cracked a sector, and are regarded by the key businesses within it as a crucial business partner/supplier. These kind of relationships drive referred business into your sales funnel, and as we all know the best form of marketing is a word of mouth referral from a satisfied happy client.



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